Director of Safe Navigation Center

POSITION: Director of Safe Navigation Center 

Classification: Exempt

Reports to: Deputy Director


The Director manages the daily operations at a busy, dynamic harm reduction Navigation Center in San Francisco. You will manage a large, diverse, multi-disciplinary team in providing a nurturing, welcoming and safe place for folks to begin their healing and housing process at this innovative, nurturing, fast-paced Navigation Center. You will provide well-rounded, thorough leadership in all Navigation Center needs, from scheduling to maintenance to mediation and everything in between.


  • Lead your team in de-escalating, creative problem-solving, and community building at a new, vibrant Navigation Center in San Francisco.
  • Work on the front lines of a pioneer project to end homelessness and promote healing in a city with one of the nation’s highest homeless populations.
  • Dynamically lead center management, staffing, supervision, training, security, and community partnerships.
  • Hire, schedule and manage a team of Shift Supervisors, Diplomats, providing supervision, mediation, training and support.
  • Promote community building and engagement among staff and program participants at the Navigation Center.
  • Act as a key decision maker in critical situations relating to guest services and operational matters.
  • Ensure a warm, safe and healthy environment for all staff and participants.
  • Ensure peaceful diffusion and employ de-escalation techniques in incidents involving violence or threats of violence. Mediate heated situations among participants and/or staff.
  • Collaborate with BVHPF leadership team to design and implement staff training and continuing education programs for staff in collaboration with the Directors.
  • Respond to participant, community, and public concerns.
  • Provide crisis intervention and lead team in skill development
  • Maintain diplomatic relations with community partners, neighbors and nonprofit providers in our community. 
  • Maintain accurate records; write shift and incident reports, review and authorize Denial of Service notices, and ensure equitable and appropriate enforcement of Navigation Center rules. Maintain operations logs, records, statistical records and other documentation including computerized records.
  • Welcome and manage all participant input at regularly scheduled community meetings, groups and activities.
  • Coordinate program activities, including those with other agencies.
  • Ensure all services and program materials are relevant, engaging, accessible, and understood by participants of differing backgrounds and histories.
  • Provide direct oversight to the administrative and contract services of the Navigation center and ensure contractors (food, security, care managers, etc.) are performing contractual obligation
  • Regularly review Navigation Center policies and procedures. Assist and advise in formulating new policies and procedures and revision of existing ones in collaboration with the Navigation Center Directors.
  • Ensure accuracy of bi-weekly payroll, proper staffing and ensure overtime is minimized.
  • Gather, maintain, and report Center-specific program data. Manage service and outcome tracking in collaboration with the Navigation Center Directors and complete timely statistical reports.
  • Act as liaison with Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing.
  • Follow policies, procedures, and protocols established by any appropriate City agency or funder including citywide grievance procedure(s).
  • Monitor programs’ financial performance and, as needed, correct in order to ensure performance within budget.
  • Ensure high-quality performance, achievement of service and outcome objectives, and compliance with legal and contractual requirements through regular program evaluation and development and implementation of a continuous quality improvement process.
  • Stay current with innovation and best practice models in service delivery for homeless and formerly homeless people.


• BA/BS degree in Social Services, Business Management or related field. Work experience may be accepted in lieu of a four year degree.
• Minimum two years supervisory experience.
• Demonstrated leadership skills.
• Strong organizational and communication skills.
• Above average ability to read, write and speak English.
• Ability to manage conflict and resolve problems.
• Prior work experience with homelessness issues, preferably in direct services.
• Knowledge of community agencies and networking.
• Ability to de-escalate crisis situations and make decisions under pressure.
• Sensitivity to the needs of diverse ethnic and cultural populations.
• Ability to maintain professional boundaries with staff, volunteers and clients.
• Growth-oriented team player.

If you would like to apply, please send a cover letter and resume to our Senior Director of Talent, Learning, & Development:

DeShawn Waters at

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