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T-Train and 19 Polk, the Muni 24, 29, 44 and 54

Hours & Services

Group and Individual Counseling – All Ages

Walk-In Hours: Monday-Friday 9 AM-5 PM

Outpatient Mental Health Program

The Foundation’s Outpatient Mental Health Program specializes in recovery-oriented treatment for people of all ages. We provide community-based outpatient support, prevention, and early detection of mental health issues. This includes diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation. We serve residents primarily of the southeastern sector of San Francisco, but any resident of the city is welcome.

Our licensed therapists help clients and their families develop individualized plans for treatment and then deliver individual therapy for children, teens, transitional aged youth, and adults; couples therapy, family therapy, and group sessions for stress management and relaxation.

Evidence-based therapy practices used include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, behavioral modification therapy, harm reduction therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and skill-building, individual psychotherapy, and Motivational Counseling. All services are trauma-informed so that we can help people who have experienced traumatic events regain their equilibrium.

Services are provided at our community-based clinic, and classroom observations and collaboration with school staff may be offered when useful for children and youth.
We provide psychiatry services including medication evaluations, assessments, and medication management.

In its comprehensive care model, the Integrated Behavioral Health Program also offers substance abuse counseling for the abuse of alcohol and other drugs. As part of the San Francisco Health Network, we can make referrals to a host of other substance abuse treatment providers to ensure clients get the level of help they need.

We also offer case management and linkages to housing, educational, vocational, health and family planning services; legal aid, child care, mentoring and recreational resources, and many other services that support well-being.

The Foundation accepts referrals from individuals and their family members; school staff; the SF Drug Dependency Court, the SF Department of Children, Youth & Families (to support family safety and reunification goals), and other SF Department of Public Health agencies

For far too long, mental illness was talked of in hushed tones, when it was talked of at all, leading to ignorance, fear and stigma. Today, slowly, that’s starting to change, and part of the credit goes to an increasing number of celebrities who are sharing the stories of their mental health challenges. This openness, coming from those whose lives seem charmed when viewed from the outside, reminds us of several important things:

  • Any of us can find ourselves dealing with a mental health issue, no matter how famous, rich, beautiful, successful or beloved we are. In fact, statistics reveal that about 1 in 5 of us will deal with a mental illness in any given year.
  • Mental illness is treatable.
  • A mental health diagnosis doesn’t have to stop your life or your dreams.