Bayview Hunters Point Foundation for Community Improvement, Inc.

Since 1971, Bayview Hunters Point Foundation for Community Improvement (the Foundation) has been a resource in the community to adults and children with psychiatric disabilities, drug and alcohol addictions, and/or homelessness by providing a continuum of services and supports and community resource coordination.



The Foundation has 3 primary service areas.  They are as follows:


  1. Mental Health Services

  • Bayview Hunters Point Behavioral Health Program  – provides individual and group therapy for the prevention and early detection of mental illness; diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of children, adolescents and adults with mental and emotional disorders.
  • Balboa Teen Health Center – provides comprehensive primary medical care, mental health and health education program for students at Balboa High School.  Mental health services include individual and group counseling, family planning and HIV related counseling and educational support.
  • Dimensions Outpatient SA this program will work to reduce the impact of substance abuse and addition among Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Questioning. (LGBTQQ) youth by successfully implementing the described interventions.


  1. Substance Abuse Program

  • Outpatient Methadone Maintenance – serves individuals who are unable to cease the use of heroin without medical assistance and heroin abusers at risk for HIV infection. The program includes short term detoxification and long term maintenance.
  • Jail Methadone Detoxification – serves incarcerated heroin abusers who are also registered in a methadone program.
  • HIV Set Aside Routine Opt- Out –The goal of the opt-out HIV screening is to reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS by providing optional routing testing to clients enrolled in the Methadone maintenance program. In addition, it is the program’s goal to reduce risk among clients who are at-risk for HIV infection and to link those who test positive for HIV to care; the program also provides AIDS counseling to the community.
  • Outpatient Drug Free Treatment – The population served in this Outpatient Drug Free Treatment program consists of multi-cultural, straight, gay and lesbian, adult male and female poly-drug abuse users who are unable to cease the use of alcohol, cocaine, amphetamine, methamphetamine, and/or other drugs without the aid of a treatment program. These individuals come primarily from all the communities in the Southeast sector of San Francisco such as Bayview Hunters Point and Sunnydale but may reside anywhere in San Francisco. There are no restrictions for MediCal beneficiaries. 


  1. Residential and Homeless Services

  • Jelani Residential Step Downindividual and group counseling focuses on prevention and education related to the dangers of drugs, alcohol and tobacco use.  Services are also provided at Youth Guidance Center.
  • Bayview and Embarcadero Homeless Navigation Centers – The Navigation Centers provide a warm, welcoming environment of support and services tailored to the unique needs of San Francisco’s homeless population living on the streets. The Centers operate differently than the existing San Francisco single adult shelter system in that there are low-threshold with minimum rules and requirements in order to attract the hardest to serve homeless who usually refuse to navigate the existing shelter system. There are up to 128 homeless single adults and couples without children are accommodated at the Baryshore Navigation Center, and more than 200 homeless adults and couples at the Embarcadero Navigation Center. These one-stop centers provide short-term stays based on harm reduction principles with the objective of providing intensive services leading to housing or treatment exits as quickly as possible. This environment is unique in that it develops trusting relationships with people that have lived on the streets and don’t usually enter shelter. It will be a low threshold, minimal rule environment with a harm reduction focus.
  • Bayview Hills Gardens Program – The program provides supportive services to formerly homeless families with a minor eligible child living at the Bayview Hill Gardens housing complex located at 1075 LeConte Street, SF, CA  94124.