Bayshore Navigation Center

Bayshore Navigation Center

  • Located at 125 Bayshore Boulevard
  • Opened October 2018
  • 128 person capacity
Bayview Hunters Point Foundation‘s team of clinicians and care managers specializing in homeless services provide care management services at the Bayshore Navigation Center to 128 of the guests.
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San Francisco Navigation Centers and SAFE Navigation Centers



San Francisco faces a significant challenge with people experiencing unsheltered homelessness.  The 2017 Point-in-Time Count estimated 7,500 individuals experiencing homelessness, approximately 4,400 living unsheltered, on any given night.

Through improved coordination city-wide and the development of Navigation Centers, existing Temporary Shelters and SAFE Navigation Centers, we are having a significant impact in our ability to bring our unhoused neighbors indoors. We know that the dignity and safety of every San Franciscan improves when everyone has a place to sleep inside.

The Navigation Center Model

San Francisco’s first Navigation Center opened in March 2015 and was a successful pilot serving San Francisco’s highly vulnerable and long-term unhoused neighbors who are often fearful of accessing traditional shelter and services. HSH subsequently opened 8 Navigation Centers and currently has 6 in operation.  For more informationclick here.

San Francisco’s Navigation Center model is being replicated nationally and, here in San Francisco, we building on this best practice by developing SAFE Navigation Centers.

The SAFE Navigation Center Model

An evolution of Navigation Centers, SAFE Navigation Centers are low-threshold, high-service temporary shelter programs for adults experiencing homelessness in San Francisco. SAFE Navigation Centers are one part of the Homelessness Response System and are an attractive service for people living unsheltered or in encampments.

SAFE Navigation Centers are essential to reducing unsheltered homelessness and connecting guests to services and housing assistance. SAFE Navigation Centers build off of the best aspects of Navigation Centers while making them more scalable, sustainable, and effective. The City is looking to expand SAFE Navigation Centers in neighborhoods across the city to respond to the homelessness crisis and has reviewed over 100 potential sites.  For information on proposed Navigation Centers, visit: