Foundation recognizes the personal and societal tragedy of homelessness which can result from mental illness and/or substance abuse. Our Residential and Homeless Services assist individuals find a path to recovery by developing goals that support self-determination, self-sufficiency, and re-entry into the community where they can lead productive lives. The Foundation offers an array of Homeless Services in San Francisco. Our continuum of services ranges from outreach to case management, to permanent housing support. We partner with individuals by helping them obtain appropriate and necessary treatment, rehabilitation, and stable housing. With support, they acquire independent living skills, obtain employment or benefits. We seek environments which allow each individual to use their strengths to make choices, feel success and satisfaction.



Substance Use Disorders Services

For almost 50 years, Foundations’ Substance Abuse Programs have helped thousands of individuals battle and conquer addiction.

Housed in Foundation’s Department of Behavioral Behavior, our physicians approach addiction as a bio-psycho-social-spiritual disease that affects each person and their families on a number of different levels: physical and mental health, emotional well-being, social relationships and spiritual connectedness.

We work with patients who are struggling with alcoholism, drug addiction, heroin dependency, cocaine addiction and prescription medication abuse, and move toward recovery. We offer three separate outpatient programs that provide a different focus of care depending upon your specific needs.



Behavioral Health Services

At Foundation, we take a holistic approach to the care and treatment of each person we serve. A forerunner in the field of community-based treatment and rehabilitation, we combine recovery with integrated approaches that address an individual’s psychiatric, medical, and behavioral health needs. Our interdisciplinary teams apply their experience and expertise to address a wide range of treatment and rehabilitation issues in a coordinated, comprehensive, and continuous manner.

The overarching goal of our interventions is to support, to the fullest extent possible, a person-first philosophy that encourages the individual’s active membership and participation in his or her recovery and rehabilitation. We envision a future where every individual served will have the opportunity for growth, recovery, and inclusion in their community; access to culturally competent services and supports of their choice; and enjoy a quality of life that includes family, friends, and community engagement. Together, we join with the individuals we serve on their self-determined and holistic path to recovery.

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