Potrero Hill Neighborhood House – Youth Moving Forward (YMF)

Potrero Hill Neighborhood House – Youth Moving Forward (YMF)
Youth Moving Forward
Drug Prevention and Anger Management – Youth 11-24

953 De Haro Street

San Francisco, CA 94107

(415) 826-8080


The Youth Moving Forward (YMF) Program of the Potrero Hill Neighborhood House provides group and individual counseling to youth 11-24 years of age. Services are provided on- and off-site to both pre-trial/ex-offenders, as well as to youth who reside in long-term training programs.

Youth Moving Forward (YMF) also offers anger management sessions which target negative behaviors which have elicited overly aggressive responses from clients. The YMF program engages clients in techniques that address different volatile situations and provides strategies for positive resolutions.

Substance Abuse treatment and drug prevention methods are necessary complements to the services provided by the YMF Program. These services are provided through the discussion of relevant topics, games, and activities that deal with the underlying triggers that likely caused program participants to use hazardous psychoactive substances.